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Family’s Ring Doorbell Captures Sword-Wielding Neighbour Trying to Break Into Their Home

• Young family horrified as next-door neighbour wields three-foot sword, trying to break into their home

• Neighbour arrested but returns after 24 hours with just a fine for criminal damage

• Family fears for safety due to neighbour's volatile and antisocial behaviour

• Incident in Braintree, Essex, follows months of tension and stress

• Family seeks support and contacts local MP James Cleverly about safety concerns

In a quiet residential area of Braintree, Essex, a young family’s life took an unexpected turn when their seemingly normal neighbor revealed a shocking secret. Firas El Hejjaji, 29, had been harboring a volatile grudge against them, culminating in a terrifying incident that left the family fearing for their safety.

The harrowing ordeal was captured on footage obtained by MailOnline. Firas, wielding a menacing three-foot sword, unleashed a ferocious attack on their home, leaving the family in a state of utter shock and vulnerability. “He smashed our door up, and if he’d been able to get to me, I think he’d have smashed me up too,” the shaken homeowner shared.

As the victim described months of simmering bad feeling and anti-social behavior, it became evident that this was more than a mere feud. The young family had been enduring rap music filled with expletives blaring from their neighbor’s backyard, while their innocent child played nearby, trying to enjoy his paddling pool.

When the fateful day arrived, the family’s luck spared them from the direct confrontation, but not their sense of security. Witnesses in the neighborhood were terrified for the family’s safety, as Firas’s partner had to intervene to calm him down during the frenzied attack. The police were called immediately, and they hoped justice would finally prevail.

However, what happened next stunned the family beyond belief. Despite the gravity of the situation, Firas was back next door in a mere 24 hours, having been slapped with nothing more than a fine for criminal damage. “How can this not have been a more serious offense?” they wondered aloud, as they questioned the system that allowed such menacing behavior to go unpunished.

Feeling like they were trapped in a nightmarish loop, the family resolved to seek help from every avenue available. Their decision to share the footage of the terrifying incident paid off, as they found themselves flooded with support from concerned individuals. Even their local MP, James Cleverly, was drawn into the fray when they approached him to ensure their safety concerns were taken seriously.

However, it wasn’t just the sympathy and support that bolstered their spirits. Essex Police finally swung into action, arresting Firas and charging him with criminal damage. Justice seemed to be within reach. But what followed left the family in disbelief. Despite pleading guilty, Firas was ordered to pay a mere £1,500 compensation. The outcome left the family questioning whether justice was truly served.