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Mum From Netflix Doc is Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Murders of her Kids and Husband’s Ex-wife Tammy Daybell

• Idaho cult mom Lori Vallow sentenced to life without parole

• Claims she communicates with dead children in heaven

• Found guilty of killing her two youngest children and conspiring to kill husband's previous wife

• Defense seeks 20-year minimum sentence, citing hope for a better future

• Netflix documentary "Sins of our Mother" reveals chilling details of the case

Step into a world of chilling mysteries and twisted beliefs as we delve into the captivating journey of Idaho cult mom, Lori Vallow. In a shocking turn of events, she appeared in court, claiming she communicates with her deceased children in heaven, where they are ‘very happy and busy.’ This extraordinary revelation came as she faced sentencing for her role in the deaths of her two youngest children, 7-year-old Joshua ‘JJ’ Vallow, and 16-year-old Tylee Ryan, as well as conspiring to kill her husband’s previous wife, Tammy Daybell.

Lori Vallow in Court Room

But that’s not all; Vallow’s case took another unexpected twist earlier this year when the judge agreed to remove the death penalty as punishment, citing prosecutors’ violation of a court rule during the discovery phase of the trial. This decision, though controversial, added an element of uncertainty to the already gripping legal proceedings.

Throughout the trial, Vallow’s attorneys sought hope for her future, begging the judge for a 20-year minimum sentence. They argued that giving her hope and keeping her behind bars until her 70s would protect society while allowing her the chance to become a better person and make amends. In contrast, those affected by her actions depicted her as a money-hungry, power-seeking monster whose greed led to the deaths of innocent lives.

Lori Vallow in Court Room

Amidst the darkness surrounding Lori Vallow, she claimed to have received divine messages from heaven, including visits from her deceased children and her friend Tammy, who are ‘extremely busy’ in the afterlife. She even declared having visited heaven herself back in 2002, implying a spiritual connection that defied the boundaries of ordinary reality.

Her defense team painted a picture of a misunderstood woman, led astray by her association with Chad Daybell, her fifth husband, who awaits his own trial on the same murder charges. Daybell’s doomsday-focused fiction, inspired by Mormon teachings, led Vallow into a world of apocalyptic beliefs, where she was supposedly a ‘sexual goddess’ destined to help save the world.

Cult leader – Chad Daybell

But the most chilling aspect of this story is Vallow’s conviction that her loved ones were possessed by evil spirits and transformed into ‘zombies,’ a belief that ultimately led to their tragic demise.

As the case unfolded, the public’s fascination intensified, and the chilling story of Lori Vallow and her twisted beliefs became the subject of a gripping Netflix documentary, ‘Sins of our Mother,’ featuring her surviving child, Colby Ryan. The documentary delved into the shocking details of the killings and the unsettling notions that convinced Vallow to commit such heinous acts.

Location the remains of Lori’s kids were found

So, step into the world of dark secrets, twisted beliefs, and a mother’s claim of heavenly communications in this extraordinary journey of Idaho cult mom, Lori Vallow. The outcomes of her actions left a trail of heartbreak and terror, captivating the nation and leaving us questioning the depths of human darkness and the power of belief.