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UK TikTok Star Anna Lapwood’s American Stalker Found Guilty and Jailed for Six Months

• Anna Lapwood, 'the TikTok organist', co-presented the BBC Proms

• Obsessive fan Elliott Bennett, 36, stalked her across the USA and UK

• He declared love, chased her, and refused to go away

• Anna reported him, leading to a 6-month jail sentence and restraining order

• Despite the ordeal, Anna remains a resilient music star inspiring millions

Embark on a gripping journey with Anna Lapwood, a talented musician whose meteoric rise to fame took an unexpected and terrifying turn. Known as ‘the TikTok organist’, Anna’s life seemed like a dream as she co-presented the live BBC broadcast of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. Little did she know that her seemingly innocent encounters with an American fan, Elliott Bennett, would escalate into a nightmarish obsession that left her fearing for her safety.

As Anna toured the USA, Bennett followed her “coast to coast,” attempting to woo her. What started as a request for a picture quickly devolved into relentless stalking and love declarations through letters. At one event, he even got down on one knee, refusing to accept that Anna had a boyfriend. Fear gripped her as he chased her and her partner across a hotel car park.

Back in London, Anna’s nightmare intensified when she spotted Bennett at a meet and greet with fans, causing her to realize he had bought a one-way flight from America just to continue stalking her. Even after returning to Cambridge, where she directed music at Pembroke College, he persisted, claiming a “spiritual connection” and declaring they were both geniuses.

The situation reached its boiling point when Anna bravely reported Bennett to the police, leading to his arrest. In a significant moment of relief, she could finally enjoy a coffee by herself again. Anna’s harrowing experience taught her the importance of reporting such behavior early, preventing potential disaster.

Throughout this ordeal, Anna’s resilience and courage shone through. As the first woman in Magdalen College’s 560-year history to be awarded an organ scholarship, she had already broken barriers in the classical music world. Despite the dark cloud that had loomed over her, Anna’s passion for music remained undeterred, and her posts on TikTok continued to captivate millions.

Now, as Bennett serves his six-month jail sentence and an indefinite restraining order, Anna urges others facing similar harassment to seek help and not underestimate the seriousness of such situations. Detective Constable Timothy Taylor praised Anna’s bravery for speaking out, inspiring others to find their voice in the face of stalking.

From humble beginnings to becoming one of classical music’s brightest stars, Anna Lapwood’s journey is a testament to talent, strength, and resilience. As she continues to lead the Pembroke College Girls’ Choir and inspire millions with her music, she stands as a beacon of hope for victims of harassment, proving that even amidst the darkest moments, one can find the strength to shine brighter than ever before.