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Woman Loses Leg After Getting Caught in an Airport Travelator

In a shocking incident at Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport, a woman's leg was tragically amputated after a horrific mishap on a moving walkway. As authorities investigate, concerns about airport safety and infrastructure upgrades come to the forefront.
Parts of the walkway removed

Amidst the morning bustle at Don Mueang Airport’s Terminal 2, tragedy struck when a female Thai passenger, bound for Nakhon Si Thammarat province, became entangled in the moving walkway. The horrifying incident unfolded as she tripped over her suitcase, and her left leg was swiftly ensnared by the machinery at the walkway’s end. Despite the efforts of shocked onlookers, the emergency switch failed to stop the walkway’s relentless progression, resulting in severe damage to the woman’s leg.

Passengers leg trapped

Prompt medical intervention became imperative as the airport’s officials made the difficult decision to amputate the woman’s leg above the knee. Following the procedure, she was urgently transferred to Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital in the capital for specialized care. Despite initial assessments at Karun Hospital suggesting that reattachment was not feasible, the patient, displaying immense courage, requested a transfer to another medical facility for a thorough evaluation of the possibilities.

Damage sustained to the suitcase

Airport authorities have initiated a comprehensive inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the accident, aiming to pinpoint the exact cause and prevent future incidents. An examination of the walkway revealed two missing wheels on a nearby suitcase, with broken yellow comb-like plates that typically cover the edge of the belt where the moving walkway terminates. As a precautionary measure, the automatic walkway has been temporarily closed while an engineering team conducts inspections and rigorous security checks.

Damaged sustained to the walkway

Expressing deep sadness over the unfortunate incident, the director of Don Mueang Airport and management personally visited the patient to monitor her treatment progress. They received updates from the medical team at Bhumibol Hospital, who are providing her with comprehensive care. Taking full responsibility, the airport is committed to covering all medical expenses and offering appropriate compensation. Fortunately, no flight operations were disrupted due to the accident, ensuring minimal inconvenience for passengers.

Don Mueang International Airport, in operation since 1914, has been a prominent gateway to Bangkok. However, with the opening of Suvarnabhumi International Airport in 2006, plans to upgrade the infrastructure have been under consideration. The walkway involved in the incident was manufactured by Japanese company Hitachi in 1996. Acknowledging the need for enhanced safety measures, the airport director revealed intentions to secure a budget for the installation of a newer walkway model by 2025.

The distressing accident at Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safety precautions and ongoing infrastructure improvements. As investigations continue, the incident calls for heightened vigilance and efforts to enhance traveler security at airports worldwide. The swift response of airport authorities in assuming responsibility and providing necessary support to the victim reflects their commitment to rectify the situation and prevent similar incidents in the future.